Alte Burg am Moselufer

Burgstraße 1, 56068 Koblenz

Alte Burg (old castle), which is today so ideally situated on the River Moselle was once the symbol of a violent struggle between those in power and the middle classes.

As, similar to the case of the people of Boppard, the Koblenz middle classes also had strong aspirations for independence, the Castle of Koblenz was directed against the city as a stronghold. With the emergence of the Moselle Bridge in 1332, the signifi cance of the Castle increased and lasted until well into the 17th century. However, with the building of Philippsburg Castle in Ehrenbreitstein, Alte Burg Castle lost its signifi cance, served as quarters for offi cials and even became a steel sheet factory. In 1897, the City of Koblenz, which had become the owner in the meanwhile, carried out modernisation and housed its municipal savings bank in the Castle. While the rooms serve, among other things, as a library and archive, the Alte Burg Castle dominates the silhouette of Koblenz on the banks of the Moselle as it has from time immemorial.

Alte Burg

56068 Koblenz Burgstraße 1
Alte Burg
Burgstraße 1
56068 Koblenz

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