Out and about on the RheinBurgenWeg | © Dominik Ketz

The RheinBurgenWeg – a Quality Trail

Certified by the Deutscher Wanderverband (German Hiking Association)

The RheinBurgenWeg was designed to meet the criteria for the award of the title “Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland” and has been continuously awarded this label since it was opened on 3rd September 2010. In January 2023 it was successfully re-certified for the fourth time.

User-friendly waymarking combined with an extremely attractive route through varied natural and cultural landscapes, respond to the needs of the modern hiker.

Natural footpaths, only a small amount of asphalt and composite surfacing and a multitude of awe-inspiring natural attractions and cultural highlights are fully aligned with today’s quality standards for hiking trails. There are excellent connections to the Rheinsteig trail opposite, giving hikers the flexibility to enjoy walking both sides of the Rhine and the opportunity to explore the Middle Rhine Valley on two of Germany’s most beautiful hiking trails.