Take a break at the Ziehlay viewpoint near Weiler | © Dominik Ketz

The RheinBurgenWeg in Stages

Upstream or downstream - it’s always a memorable experience

The trail sections proposed here are simply suggestions. As there are local public transport stops in every locality along the RheinBurgenWeg, and almost every town and village in the Rhine valley has a railway station, you are free to plan each stage of your hike to suit your individual preferences and fitness level. One-day hikes are no problem either, thanks to the excellent transport links. Returning to your starting point is easy, with a choice of buses, trains or boats (e.g. the Köln-Düsseldorfer riverboat company).

View of Kaub | © Henry Tornow

Top 5

The most popular sections of the RheinBurgenWeg

View of the Rhine and Brohleck Castle | © Henry Tornow

Sections in the Lower Middle Rhine Valley

From Rolandsbogen to Deutsches Eck

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View of Filsen and Boppard | © Henry Tornow

Sections in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

From Deutsches Eck to the Mäuseturm.

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