11:00 - 22:00

Avanti snack bar

Zehnerstr. 25, 53498 Bad Breisig

Newly renovated and tasty snack bar centrally located. Also fast delivery service available.

Snack bar in Bad Breisig. Many different dishes are offered, such as pizza, pasta and salads.
All dishes can be delivered.

Avanti snack bar

From18.02.2019 until the 31.12.2023

Opening hours:
Monday: 11:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Tuesday: 11:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Wednesday: 11:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Thursday: 11:00Clock to 22:00Clock
Friday: 11:00Clock to 22:00Clock

From18.01.2022 until the 31.12.2023

Opening hours:
Saturday: 11:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Sunday: 11:30Clock to 22:00Clock

53498 Bad Breisig Zehnerstr. 25
Zehnerstr. 25
53498 Bad Breisig

Phone: (0049) 2633 7477

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