Bahnhof Spay

In der Wesser 1, 56322 Spay

The regional train (Mittelrheinbahn) of Trans Regio Deutsche Regionalbahn GmbH, which runs between Cologne and Mainz, stops in Spay station every hour.

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-Ticket machine on site

-Parking space available

-step-free access to all platforms

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Bahnhof Spay

From01.01.2021 until the 31.12.2030

Opening hours:
Monday: Clock
Tuesday: Clock
Wednesday: Clock
Thursday: Clock
Friday: Clock
Saturday: Clock
Sunday: Clock

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56322 Spay In der Wesser 1
Bahnhof Spay
In der Wesser 1
56322 Spay

Phone: +49 30 586020930

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