05:00 - 12:30

Bakery Paulsen Stand-up Café Oberbreisig

Hauptstr. 36, 53498 Bad Breisig

Newly renovated and cosy bakery in the main street in Oberbreisig.

The bakery is located near the church in Oberbreisig. There you can buy different cakes, fresh rolls and much more.

Bakery Paulsen Stand-up Café Oberbreisig

From18.02.2019 until the 31.12.2025

Opening hours:
Tuesday: 05:00Clock to 12:30Clock
Tuesday: 14:00Clock to 18:30Clock
Wednesday: 05:00Clock to 12:30Clock
Wednesday: 14:00Clock to 18:30Clock
Thursday: 05:00Clock to 12:30Clock
Thursday: 14:00Clock to 18:30Clock
Friday: 05:00Clock to 12:30Clock
Friday: 14:00Clock to 18:30Clock
Saturday: 05:00Clock to 13:00Clock
Sunday: 05:00Clock to 11:00Clock

Um diesen Inhalt zu sehen müssen Sie den Drittanbieter Cookies zustimmen.

53498 Bad Breisig Hauptstr. 36
Bäckerei Paulsen
Hauptstr. 36
53498 Bad Breisig

Phone: (0049) 2633 95184

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