07:30 - 18:00

Barrierefreie Toilette im Stadthaus

Rathausstrasse 3, 55430 Oberwesel

Public, barrier-free toilet in the building of the city administration / tourist information office according to DIN 18040. This toilet can only be opened with the appropriate key.

Barrierefreie Toilette im Stadthaus

From27.10.2022 until the 27.10.2029

Opening hours:
Monday: 07:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Tuesday: 07:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Wednesday: 07:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Thursday: 07:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Friday: 07:30Clock to 18:00Clock

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55430 Oberwesel Rathausstrasse 3
Rathausstrasse 3
55430 Oberwesel

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