Blumenhof, 56068 Koblenz

The Blumenhof has many colourful flowers and lifes in harmony with the Mueum and the Herrenhaus


The Blumenhof garden is not far from the important historical location where Rhine and Moselle meet. It surrounds the St. Castor basilica and is divided into three sections, each of which was redesigned for the Federal Horticultural Show in 2011: in the courtyard of the Deutschherrenhaus/Ludwig Museum with the former chapel is the “sculpture garden” where art and sculpture are presented in context with the museum. The “flower garden” between the Ludwig Museum and St. Castor’s, exudes pure joie de vivre with its two fountain arrays and colourful planted beds. The southern courtyard of St. Castor’s basilica is the quietest area in the Blumenhof ensemble and explores the theme of the “hortus conclusus” (lat. ‘closed garden’). The “Paradise Garden” is a tranquil space symbolising the Blessed Virgin Mary. Enclosed by hedges, the area is designed around a pool representing purity. The plants here are all associated with the Virgin Mary.


Wonderful flower displays in themed gardens surrounding the St. Castor basilica and the Ludwig Museum.

Scgattige Ecken auf dem Blumenhof werden ausgenutz
St. Kastor

Blumenhof Koblenz

From16.10.2020 until the 31.12.2029

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