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Bücherei St. Michael Vettelschoß

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The St. Michael Catholic Public Library is located on the ground floor of the St. Michael Church in Vettelschoß and is a public institution of the parish "St. Marien Linz an Rhein und Höhe".

The media stock, which is constantly updated, includes more than 4700 books, audio books, CDs and DVDs for children and board games. Books for adults range from entertaining and poignant biographies to light fiction from the current bestseller lists.

Whether romantic, historical, fantasy or thriller, young people can also find something to suit their tastes. The non-fiction section offers advice (e.g. on education, health, cooking), information on various fields of knowledge and tips for leisure activities - especially with children.

Non-fiction literature on history, religion, natural history, geography and leisure is also available for young people. A special concern of the voluntary team is to promote the children's love of reading through various activities with primary schools and kindergartens.

There is a large selection of entertaining, captivating and cheerful books for small and big children to read aloud or to read themselves - also in English.

Those with a thirst for knowledge - even from the age of 2 - are sure to enjoy books about knights, dinosaurs, pirates, outer space and much more. The so-called tiptoi books, which can also be borrowed together with a pen, are particularly inspiring.

And in the picture book corner there are many funny, interesting and also helpful picture books for the youngest "readers".

Online catalogue : https://www.eopac.net/Vettelschoss/

Bücherei St. Michael Vettelschoß

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53560 Vettelschoß Michaelstraße 12
Bücherei St. Michael Vettelschoß
Michaelstraße 12
53560 Vettelschoß

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