Burg Bassenheim

Burg Bassenheim

Walpot-Platz 12, 56220 Bassenheim

The predecessor building to today’s Bassenheim Castle was erected before 1317 in the location of the same name and was the ancestral seat of the Waldbott von Bassenheim family of ministriales. 
The complex is in private ownership and not accessible.

The complex, called the “Oberschloss” (upper castle), was developed into a Renaissance palace from 1575 and modernised again in the Rococo period. The banker Abraham von Oppenheim acquired the complex in 1873 and had it extensively redesigned according to the plans of the architect Julius Raschdorf. He was among the most significant representatives of German historicism; for example, he designed the Berlin Cathedral. The Waldhausen family lent a Neo-Baroque style to the residence from 1910. Today’s building lies in the middle of an extensive castle and landscape park. A teahouse from the 18th century as well as the Oppenheim Mausoleum are still preserved.

Burg Bassenheim
Burg Bassenheim Eingangstor

Burg Bassenheim

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56220 Bassenheim Walpot-Platz 12
Freiherrlich von Waldthausen'sche Verwaltung
Walpot-Platz 12
56220 Bassenheim

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