Burg Liebenstein

Burg Liebenstein

Zu den Burgen 1, 56341 Kamp-Bornhofen

Together with the neighbouring castle, Liebenstein is one of the most famous of the Rhine castles, not least because of the legend of the “Feuding Brothers”. The high wall between the two castles is said to be reminiscent of this fraternal dispute. Within the ancient walls you will find a hotel restaurant with a stunning panorama terrace. Unforgettable views of the Rhine Valley make Rhine Romanticism come alive.

Liebenstein Castle, built in the 13th century, and Sterrenberg Castle, which lies directly opposite, bear the name “The enemy brothers”. The two castles were in an irreconcilable state of enmity since 1320, after Sterrenberg Castle fell completely to the Archbishopric of Trier, and the lords of Liebenstein retreated completely to Liebenstein Castle. The erection of a massive shield wall at Sterrenberg Castle provides architectural documentation of how deep the ideological trench between the two groups was. In addition, Liebenstein Castle already served as a Ganerbenburg from 1340: Ganerben were noble families who lived together in castle complexes due to the distribution of an estate. Liebenstein Castle united several small castles of around ten families living in different buildings as a consortium.

Burg Liebenstein
Die feindlichen Brüder

Burg Liebenstein

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56341 Kamp-Bornhofen Zu den Burgen 1
Hotel Burg Liebenstein
Zu den Burgen 1
56341 Kamp-Bornhofen

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