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Burg Stahleck

Burg Stahleck 1, 55422 Bacharach

The Stahleck castle accommodates one of the most attractive youth hostels in Germany.

The enfeoffment of Count Hermann von Stahleck with the County Palatine of the Rhine - 1142/3 - marks the rise of the town of Bacharach and Stahleck Castle. In the following period, the Castle was developed into one of the strongest complexes on the Middle Rhine. The city of Bacharach became the focal point of command of the Rhine County Palatine. It’s true that Stahleck Castle was also massively damaged in the Thirty Years’ War. However, because of the Count Palatine’s strong emotional attachment to it, the palas was rebuilt in 1666. During the Palatine War of Succession, the complex was finally blown up by French troops in 1689 and remained in ruins. It was only in 1925 that Stahleck Castle was rebuilt according to a historical model. Today, it accommodates one of the most attractive youth hostels in Germany.

Burg Stahleck

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55422 Bacharach Burg Stahleck 1
Jugendherberge Burg Stahleck
Burg Stahleck 1
55422 Bacharach

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