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Café Leber

Burgplatz 2, 53545 Linz am Rhein

Family bakery since 1912, with homemade cakes, chocolates and much more.

Family-owned since 1912, Café Leber spoils its guests with a large selection of delicious pies and cakes from the in-house bakery. Whether Dutch cherry cake, cheesecake, gentleman's cake, fine pastries or seasonal specialties - you can feast and linger here right next to the historic castle. In summer, creamy ice cream and ice cream cakes from our own production promise cooling and maximum enjoyment.

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Café Leber

From10.05.2019 until the 31.12.2050

Opening hours:
Monday: 10:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Tuesday: 10:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Wednesday: 10:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Friday: 10:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Saturday: 10:30Clock to 18:00Clock
Sunday: 11:00Clock to 18:00Clock

Um diesen Inhalt zu sehen müssen Sie den Drittanbieter Cookies zustimmen.

53545 Linz am Rhein Burgplatz 2
Café Leber
Burgplatz 2
53545 Linz am Rhein

Phone: (0049) 02644 2339

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