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Cattle Gate Rhens

Am Viehtor 2, 56321 Rhens

The Vacheor, built between 1396-1418, is one of three preserved city gates, but has lost its outer arch and gate tower.
The remains of a staircase with a spiral staircase, which was designed as a sacred niche, are reminiscent of the latter.

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On closer inspection you can still see some steps. Through the Vacheor, as the above picture shows, the entire road traffic to the Mühlental valley, including the cattle drive and drove the gate, has its name.
A little known historical fact is that also rooms of the Vaugorturm were used as prison and interrogation cells during the Rhenser Hexenprozesse.
Directly below Viehtor and Stadtmauer is the guest house of the Rhens association, which is available to the public as "old-rhens" for social purposes. The year of construction in 1577 was engraved in a doorstroke, which is now walled to the side of the main entrance.

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Cattle Gate Rhens

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