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Customs table

Koblenzer Straße 39, 53498 Bad Breisig

Sight in Bad Breisig.

Customs Table There’s an old customs table in front of the “Alter Zollhof” restaurant. This customs table, hewn from basalt, was originally located at the northern entrance gate, the Kölner Tor. Customs rights were held by the territorial sovereign/abbess of the imperial free-confessional religious community of noblewomen; it was a road toll that had to be paid. According to history, Napoleon once sat at this customs table and drank a glass of Elzenberger red wine (wine from the wine region Elzenberg, Bad Breisig at that time) when he visited this spa town during the French occupation. The goblet he drank from still exists today.

Zolltisch Bad Breisig
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Customs table

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53498 Bad Breisig Koblenzer Straße 39
Koblenzer Straße 39
53498 Bad Breisig

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