Museumsnacht DB Museum

DB Museum Koblenz

Schönbornslusterstraße 14, 56070 Koblenz

The DB Museum Koblenz was opened on 21 April 2001 as the first external location of the DB Museum Nuremberg. The vehicle collection includes around 40 historic locomotives and 50 passenger and freight cars.

At the DB Museum Koblenz, visitors can experience the history of the railway in Germany in a hands-on museum. Through accompanying exhibitions and interactive attractions, such as a train simulator, visitors can learn about the world of railways and become active themselves. The DB Museum Koblenz is housed in the former freight car repair works in the Lützel district. Freight wagons were repaired in the wagon hall until 1995. Today, it houses the oldest vehicles in the DB Museum Koblenz. Other exhibits are displayed on the open-air grounds.

Museumsnacht DB Museum
Museumsnacht Lokschuppen
Museumsnacht DB Museum Lok
Museumsnacht DB

DB Museum Koblenz

From01.02.2023 until the 31.12.2023

Opening hours:
Saturday: 10:00Clock to 16:00Clock

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56070 Koblenz Schönbornslusterstraße 14
Schönbornslusterstraße 14
56070 Koblenz

Phone: +49 (0)261-3961338

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