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Donatus Kapelle

Am Kaiserberg, 53545 Linz am Rhein

Neo-Gothic gem from 1861 at the height of the Kaiserberg

In 1857 the Franciscan Minorite Father Totnan Seehuber founded a Minorite monastery in a building on the church square - later a local court, now a notary's office. Immediately after their settlement, the priests made an outstanding contribution to the design of the Kaiserberg. In the winter of 1858/59 they built a way of the cross on the northwest slope there, and in 1861 a brick chapel in neo-Gothic style was consecrated to Our Lady of Sorrows on the summit of the mountain. The convent placed the mountain under the special protection of St. Donatus, whose name was carried over to the mountain and the chapel. In order to attract pilgrims, relics of St. Theophilus from Rome to the pilgrimage chapel, allegedly with the participation of 5,000 believers. Until the dissolution of the convent in 1875, the relics were venerated annually in September in a festive octave. The end of the pilgrimage came in 1888 when the Minorites were refused to return to Linz after the end of the Kulturkampf. Used as a storage room under the National Socialists, the chapel is now owned by the City of Linz.

Donatus Kapelle

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53545 Linz am Rhein Am Kaiserberg
Donatus Kapelle
Am Kaiserberg
53545 Linz am Rhein

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