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Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-Str. 3, 56112 Lahnstein

Welcome to the Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-House of the District of Lahnstein auf der Höhe

The Health Center - Dr.- Max-Otto-Bruker-Haus-Center for Health and Holistic Living

The human being is a body-soul-spirit-unit. Millions of people know the dedicated physician and nutrition pioneer Dr.Max Otto Bruker (1909-2001 ), but above all his 30 or so books on the causes of disease are still being read today. He established 1994, together with Ilse Gutjahr, in Lahnstein a - center for health and holistic way of life - a health house. There, interested people learn and experience how to prevent diseases.

They can also be trained in this house as medically certified health advisors GGB. A medical practice (ürgen Birmanns ) life counseling (Dr.phil. Mathias Jung, Dipl.Psych.Hassan El Khomri), a publishing house with an attractive book - and bio store as well as a training kitchen complete the offer.

Under this aspect we offer in the center for health and holistic way of life in the Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-Haus in Lahnstein (Lahnhöhe) among other things:

- Training as a medically certified health advisor GGB - Practical seminars in whole foods rich in vital substances and bread baking courses in the in-house training kitchen

- Medical advice from a holistic perspective

 - Medical practice in the house - Therapeutic practices in the house

 - Weekend seminars and consultations for life management - Main focus of the information: pointing out the causes of diseases, ways in the field of prophylaxis in case of diet-related civilization diseases, life-related diseases, environment-related diseases.

Twice a year we organize the GGB Health Days for all interested parties in the Stadthalle Lahnstein with top-class speakers and about 1,000 participants on current topics in the fields of nutrition, medicine and environment. The GGB is a consumer forum, independent of economic interest groups.

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Bruker Haus
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56112 Lahnstein Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-Str. 3
Gesellschaft für Gesundheitsberatung GGB e.V.
Dr.-Max-Otto-Bruker-Str. 3
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: +49 2621 91 70 17

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