Evangelische Kirche Weisel

Kirchgasse 6, 56348 Weisel

The Lutheran St. Andrew's Church was built in 1775-1777 as a simple, baroque hall church on the foundation walls of a medieval predecessor building. The construction of the tower was not started until 1781. However, it had to be demolished and rebuilt in 1816. The expert at that time was the well-known Nassau building inspector and architect Christian Zais.

The tower houses three bells from 1513, 1553 and 1951.

Inside the church, the wooden gallery, the pulpit and the pews from the time of construction are still preserved, the porches and the altar were installed later.

Until 1818, the dead were also buried in the churchyard, after which a new cemetery was established outside the village. In 2005, the interior of the church was renovated and the date "1776" from the time of construction above the pulpit was also uncovered. In 2010, the exterior facade was renewed, and the weathercock and the tower clock were also repaired and restored.

Evangelische Kirche Weisel

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56348 Weisel Kirchgasse 6
Evangelisches Pfarramt Weisel
Kirchgasse 6
56348 Weisel

Phone: (0049)6774 426

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