Fähre Liesel

08:00 - 20:00

Fähre "Liesel" Deutsches Eck - Campingplatz Neuendorf

Peter-Altmeier-Ufer, 56068 Koblenz

From April to October the ferry "Liesel" runs between the KNAUS Campingpark Rhein/Mosel opposite the Deutsches Eck to the Mosel pier at the Peter-Altmeier-Ufer am Biergarten.

Since 1949, it has been the fastest and most beautiful connection between the two shores. The "Liesel" can carry up to 25 passengers, plus bicycles and dogs. There are no fixed sailing times, the boat runs according to demand.

Fähre "Liesel" Deutsches Eck - Campingplatz Neuendorf

From01.04.2023 until the 31.10.2023

Opening hours:
Monday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Tuesday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Wednesday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Thursday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Friday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Saturday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock
Sunday: 08:00Clock to 20:00Clock

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56068 Koblenz Peter-Altmeier-Ufer
Fähre "Liesel"
56068 Koblenz

Phone: +49 (0)261-82719
E-mail: koblenz@knauscamp.de
Web: https://www.knauscamp.de/rhein-mosel-koblenz/umgebung.html

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