Freibad Sayn | © Stadtverwaltung Bendorf

Freibad Sayn

Im Sayntal 2, 56170 Bendorf-Sayn

Freibad Sayn

The open air pool in the Sayntal is a nice destination for young and old. It is equipped with a multi-purpose pool, a slide, a non-swimmer pool, a beach volleyball court, a basketball court, children's playground, table tennis tables, a meadow and a kiosk with a beer garden. The Bad Sayn is also heated.

Due to the Corona pandemic, special rules apply, tickets must be booked online in advance here

Schutz- und Hygienekonzept Freibad Sayn

Freibad Sayn | © Stadtverwaltung Bendorf
Freibad Im Sayntal | © Stadtverwaltung Bendorf

Freibad Sayn

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56170 Bendorf-Sayn Im Sayntal 2
Freibad Im Sayntal
Im Sayntal 2
56170 Bendorf-Sayn

Phone: (0049) 2622 3479

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