Schwarze Madonna

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Friedenskapelle "Schwarze Madonna"

Goethestraße, 53424 Remagen

The Black Madonna Chapel is located in Remagen on the banks of the Rhine south of the city centre. According to Hans Peter Kürten, it is still the only chapel in Germany that commemorates a prisoner-of-war camp.

At the junction of Joseph-Rovan-Allee, the former Südallee, with Goethestraße leading from Remagen to Kripp, opposite the RheinAhrCampus) stands the "Black Madonna" Peace Chapel. Together with the Bad Bodendorf Cemetery of Honour, the Bridge of Remagen Peace Museum and the memorial commemorating the prison camps in the Golden Mile in Sinzig, it forms a memorial network to commemorate the wartime and post-war events of spring 1945 in the Golden Mile. The chapel is intended in particular to commemorate the "Goldene Meile" prisoner of war camp ("Rheinwiesenlager"). The chapel ends at the top with a crown of thorns, which is meant to remind us of the barbed wire with which the camp was fenced in. The chapel is built like a tent roof through which wind and rain can sweep - like through the makeshift tents of the starving prisoners of war in the wet and cold spring of 1945. A copy of the Black Madonna with Child, made of clay and bread by the camp inmate Adolf Wamper, stands in a barred stele. In the meantime, the Madonna has become a "landmark, memorial and sign of hope", said dean Dr Johannes Georg Meyer at a celebration on 20 October 2012 to mark the 25th anniversary of the chapel's dedication.

Schwarze Madonna
Madonna bei Nacht
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Friedenskapelle "Schwarze Madonna"

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53424 Remagen Goethestraße
Friedenskapelle "Schwarze Madonna"
53424 Remagen

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