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Gedenktafel in Langstraße

Stadtmauer 26, 55422 Bacharach

In Langstraße, next to the Kranentor, there is a memorial plaque for the Jews formerly living in Bacharach (Langstraße 26).

Already in the first half of the 12th century Jews lived in the city. Persecutions and pogroms have been taking place since the 13th century. As a result of the alleged ritual murder of the boy Werner in 1283, 26 Jews were murdered in the city. Other Jews had fled the city and returned only later. Around 1316, Jewish inhabitants in the town can again be traced. During the persecution of the Jews in the summer of 1337 and during the plague in 1348/49, Jewish life in the town was once again wiped out. Until the persecution of the Jews from the Electoral Palatinate in 1390, several Jews who had moved in from other cities are mentioned in the city. A Jewish community was founded in Bacharach in the 1860s. At that time the Jewish people living in Niederheimbach and Oberheimbach also belonged to the community. Of the Jewish people born in Bacharach and/or living in the village for a longer period of time, 17 people died during the Nazi era, eight people in Niederheimbach. To commemorate the murdered Jews, "Stolpersteine" were laid at Langstraße 43 and 25, Bauerstraße 5 and Oberstraße 3. A further commemorative plaque is located in Untergasse 26. The Israelite fraternity community of Bacharach operated, among other things, the Jewish cemetery in Kaub, which was used until the middle of the 19th century. Jewish cemeteries were then established in Oberheimbach and Bacharach.

Gedenktafel Langstraße | © RNT
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Gedenktafel in Langstraße

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