14:00 - 18:00

Geflügelhof Bartmann

Mainzer Straße 63, 56322 Spay

Shop at the regional supplier.

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eggs, potatoes, fresh poultry at regular intervals, fruit and vegetables

Company description: Family business in 6th generation

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Logo Heimat schmeckt

Geflügelhof Bartmann

From11.03.2021 until the 31.12.2024

Opening hours:
Monday: 08:00Clock to 09:30Clock
Monday: 16:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Tuesday: 08:00Clock to 09:30Clock
Tuesday: 16:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Wednesday: 08:00Clock to 09:30Clock
Thursday: 08:00Clock to 09:30Clock
Thursday: 16:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Friday: 08:00Clock to 12:00Clock
Friday: 14:00Clock to 18:00Clock
Saturday: 08:00Clock to 12:00Clock

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56322 Spay Mainzer Straße 63
Geflügelhof Bartmann
Mainzer Straße 63
56322 Spay

Phone: (0049) 2628 8819

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