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The Jupp-Bodenstein-Place!

Narrenbrunnen" - Fool's Fountain

The fountain was designed by the Lahnstein artist Hans-Georg Schleifer (born 1940). The bronze sculpture weighs 1.7 tons. The group of figures was cast by the art foundry P+H (Roman Pecher, Lubomir Holecek) in Carlsbad. It depicts two funny fools who make the fifth season in Lahnstein seem to be always alive throughout the year. Although the Lahnstein jesters do not handle spoons and forks and wear different caps than those depicted here, the fountain is a true adornment for the beautiful square, which was created in connection with the renovation of the Old Town.

Fool's dedication

On 11.11.1997, just in time for the beginning of the fifth season, the fool fountain on Blankenberg was unveiled with a triple "Lahnstein Helau".

"Urgestein" Jupp Bodenstein

Since then, the Fools' Fountain has enriched the square, which has been named after Jupp Bodenstein since January 2000. Jupp Bodenstein (1905-1982) is regarded as the "guardian of the local customs and co-founder of many Lahnstein associations", as it says on an attached information board. He was significantly involved in the foundation of the Gesellschaftliche Vereinigung 1924 Oberlahnstein, which he presided over as 1st chairman for 50 years. The carnival was Bodenstein's hobbyhorse. In 1934, he led a meeting of all Oberlahnstein associations, at which a Carnivalist Association was founded, from which the Carnival Comité Oberlahnstein (CCO) developed. When then in 1935 the first Rose Monday procession went through Oberlahnstein's streets, Bodenstein was the first to take the chair as president of the CCO. He held this post until his 65th birthday, after which he became Honorary President of the CCO. In 1950 he marched through the streets of Lahnstein as Prince Jupp I. The CCO took over the sponsorship of the square on 7 February 2005.

Jupp Bodenstein Platz 1 | © Stadt Lahnstein
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