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Mühlenmuseum Hein's Mühle

Hellenpfad 132, 56170 Sayn

Not far from Koblenz in Bendorf Sayn is Hein’s Mühle on the rushing Brexbach.

The mill rattles on the rushing Brexbach

Built between 1550 and 1600, the watermill in the romantic Sayn district of Bendorfer rattles again today. The Heins mill is now a listed building. The grain mill between the water wheel and the millstone extends over three floors.

The 'Heins Mühle' mill museum shows and explains the various steps involved in the grinding process and the importance of the miller's trade in the region.

Of the 20 mills that used to be used in Bendorf and the surrounding area, the 'Heins Mühle' is the only one that is fully functional.

Families and children can experience a piece of history here and report on everyday life in past centuries. The older ones indulge in memories and technology enthusiasts are amazed at the sophisticated technology of the past.

The Heins Mühle is open from Easter to All Saints Sundays and Holidays from 2pm to 5pm. Admission is free, but the “mill men” are happy to receive donations Sayn, visitors can also explore the mill themselves and learn more about the history and technology from information boards.

Mühlenmuseum Hein's Mühle

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56170 Sayn Hellenpfad 132
Mühlenmuseum Hein's Mühle
Hellenpfad 132
56170 Sayn

Phone: (0049)2622703105
E-mail: heimatarchiv-sayn@gmx.de
Web: http://heins-muehle.de

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