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Auf der Schahl 13, 56322 Spay

Castle tours and special trips with the "La Paloma". For the timetable and further information, please visit the homepage: or phone: +49 (0) 2628-2431

Online-tickets: (only in german language)

Here you can book your castle tour or a special trip in advance or view the daily updated timetable.

On board of the "La Paloma" you can relax and enjoy the view.

We start in Koblenz and first travel a short distance down the Rhine with a view of the Rhine front of Koblenz, Ehrenbreitstein Fortress and the famous "German Corner". At the mouth of the Moselle, the ship turns around and makes its way up the Rhine via Oberlahnstein, to Braubach to Marksburg Castle. The cruise takes you past the Electoral Palace of Koblenz, the Koblenz Brewery, Lahneck Castle, Stolzenfels Castle and the Königsstuhl in Rhens. The boat turns around in Braubach and returns to Koblenz via Oberlahnstein.

This grand castle tour lasts approx. 2 hours. Alternatively, you can interrupt the first tour at 11.00 a.m. from Koblenz at a place of your choice (e.g. to visit Stolzenfels Castle, Oberlahnstein or Marksburg Castle) and return on the later boat.

For all tours, it is also possible to travel only part of the way. On our short 1-hour castle tour, the ship already turns around in Stolzenfels. (without Oberlahnstein)

Reductions only valid for castle tours

SENIOR DAY: 9,00 € per person, always on Mondays (from 65 years) FAMILY TICKET: 2 adults and max. 3 children in the school holidays of RLP, 27,00 € total

Pier of KD company

From16.04.2022 until the 06.04.2025

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56322 Spay Auf der Schahl 13
Marksburgschifffahrt Vomfell
Auf der Schahl 13
56322 Spay

Phone: (0049) 2628 2431

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