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11:30 - 14:00

Pizzeria Sorrento

Adolfstr. 63, 56112 Lahnstein

Pizzeria Sorrento

On the menu are typical Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta al forno and salads, ideal for refreshment during the lunch break. In addition, these are offered as lunch at lower prices.

Pizzeria Sorrento

From16.09.2022 until the 16.09.2025

Opening hours:
Monday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Monday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Wednesday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Wednesday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Thursday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Thursday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Friday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Friday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Saturday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Saturday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock
Sunday: 11:30Clock to 14:00Clock
Sunday: 17:30Clock to 22:00Clock

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56112 Lahnstein Adolfstr. 63
Pizzeria Sorrento
Adolfstr. 63
56112 Lahnstein

Phone: +49 2621 6297797

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