Ausblick vom Runden Turm | © Christoph Partsch

Runder Turm

Hochstraße 80, 56626 Andernach

The Round Tower in Andernach is one of the largest mediaeval defence towers in Germany and the highest defence tower on the Rhine.

Construction on the mighty building was begun by order of the city council before 1440 and completed in 1453. With its substantial dimensions - 56 metres high and 15 metres diameter - it forms the northwestern corner of the mediaeval city wall. Its height made it possible to have a broad view of the Rhine Valley so that any incoming ships could be identified early and announced by sounding the horn. The Tower can be visited in the summer and, as a landmark of the city of Andernach, is brought to life during city tours. There is a special exhibition area on the lower storey of the louvre.

Ausblick vom Runden Turm | © Christoph Partsch
Runder Turm | © Christoph Partsch
Runder_Turm mit Loch | © Friedrich Gier
Runder Turm Oktagon | © Christoph Partsch

Runder Turm

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56626 Andernach Hochstraße 80
Runder Turm
Hochstraße 80
56626 Andernach

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