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Schloss Arenfels

Schloss Arenfels 0, 53557 Bad Hönningen

Arenfels Castle is located above Bad Hönningen in the midst of picturesque vineyards. Thanks to its 365 windows, 52 doors and 12 towers, it is also known as the "Castle of the Year"

The history of Arenfels Castle is rich with changes. Originally, the complex dates back to the 13th century, when Arenfels Castle was built. In the latter half of the 16th century, a significant reconstruction took place, transforming the castle into a three-winged Renaissance château. About 300 years later, between 1849 and 1858, the castle was modernized again under Friedrich Ludolf von Westerholt. The architect Ernst Friedrich Zwirner, who was also responsible for completing the Cologne Cathedral at the time, led this Neo-Gothic renovation. Although Westerholt wanted to preserve the original Renaissance style, Zwirner's modern design prevailed. During World War II, the castle was severely damaged in the battles for the Remagen Bridge.
The beautiful interiors of the castle have been restored, and the imposing cast-iron staircase from the Sayner ironworks is particularly worth seeing.

Today, Arenfels Castle, situated amidst vineyards above the Rhine Valley, offers a romantic setting as an event venue. Various events take place here both in summer and winter. The castle also houses 15 hotel rooms and a vinotheque with an outdoor terrace.

Schloss Arenfels | © Andreas Pacek,
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Schloss Arenfels

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53557 Bad Hönningen Schloss Arenfels 0
Schloss Arenfels
Schloss Arenfels 0
53557 Bad Hönningen

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