Hildegarten am Msuem am Strom | © Rheinhessen-Touristik

The Historical Museum on the River

Museumstr. 3, 55411 Bingen

In 1998 Bingen opened the Historisches Museum am Strom – Hildegard von Bingen as the climax of a year of celebrations commemorating “900 years of Hildegard”. The permanent exhibitions are devoted to St. Hildegard of Bingen, Bingen’s unique set of Roman surgical instruments as well as various aspects of Rhine Romanticism

As a supplement to the Hildegard exhibition in the neighboring Museum am Strom, the garden displays numerous plants that Hildegard described in her natural history ("Physica"). In this important collection, the learned Benedictine described almost 300 herbs, shrubs and trees with their (healing) effects on humans. Unfortunately, the work has survived only in late medieval copies, so that today no one knows the "original text" of Hildegard von Bingen. The didactically designed Hilde Garden presents the "Book of Plants" and the "Book of Trees" from the "Physica" in a total of 15 theme beds and 8 individual beds.

Hildegarten am Msuem am Strom | © Rheinhessen-Touristik
Außenansicht | © Dominik Ketz
Hildegarten Wasserspiel | © Thorsten Silz

The Historical Museum on the River

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55411 Bingen Museumstr. 3
Museum am Strom
Museumstr. 3
55411 Bingen

Phone: (0049) 6721 184353
E-mail: museum-am-strom@bingen.de
Web: https://www.bingen.de/kultur/museum-am-strom

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