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Ehem. Simultan Friedenskirche Friedrichssegen

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Church ruin in the forest

The church was built in 1888 by the mining company for both denominations.

At that time the village had 921 inhabitants, half of them Protestant, the other half Catholic. In 1870 the Protestant service was held in the school of that time, the Catholic service in a prayer room right next to the school. In months of summer the mass was read once a month, in winter twice, because the priest had to come from outside.

This was not enough for the citizens of Friedrichssegen and as prosperity grew, the mining company commissioned a Wiesbaden architect to build the "Friedenskirche", a simultaneous church for both denominations. It was the heyday of the town, but only seven years later the decline became noticeable and the workers began to migrate. The last Holy Mass for the Catholic fellow citizens was held in 1912 and for the Protestants in 1917 in this church. In 1937 the church, which had become a ruin in the meantime, was blown up.

The ground plan of the former Friedenskirche was uncovered a few years ago.

Simultankirche Friedrichssegen
Simultankirche Friesrichssegen II
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Ehem. Simultan Friedenskirche Friedrichssegen

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