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Albert-Mertés-Str. 11, 53498 Bad Breisig

In 1936 Johann Martin Schuh completed the construction of the "Heilbäderhaus Geyrsprudel" (Albert-Mertés-Straße 11), in which the warm spring of the "Geyr-Sprudel", drilled in 1914 by Baron Geyr von Schweppenburg, was used. In 1961, the son Willy Schuh built an indoor thermal bath in this place. In 1969, the first indoor thermal wave pool in Europe was built. In December 1991, the Römer-Thermen, a modern thermal bath with attached application area, generous sauna landscape and fitness studio were opened here and in 2010 were converted into a wellness and health oasis.

Geyr Hot Spring/ Roman Thermal Bath In 1936 Johann Martin Schuh accomplished the construction of the Spa building named Geyrsprudel (Albert-Mertés-Straße 11), and put to good use the warm spring which had previously been discovered and drilled by Baron Geyr from Schweppenburg in 1914. In 1961 his son Willy Schuh installed an indoor thermal bath at the same place, and the first indoor thermal wave bath in Europe in 1969 opened here. Another improvement was achieved when in 1991 the “Römer Thermen” opened business, offering an indoor thermal pool, physiotherapeutic applications, far reaching sauna facilities and even a fitness studio. In 2010 the Römertherme was converted into a spa and health oasis.


From25.10.2023 until the 31.12.2032

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53498 Bad Breisig Albert-Mertés-Str. 11
Albert-Mertés-Str. 11
53498 Bad Breisig

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