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Weingut Kronen-Hof

In der Vohlswiese 1, 56321 Rhens

In the Kronen-Hof winery you can book wine tastings and a wine vesper, as well as buy different wines.

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The Kronen-Hof is a resettlement farm, which was built and occupied by the Jakob Kron family in 1964, at that time as a mixed farm (agriculture and viticulture). In 1990, this mixed business was restructured into a pure winegrowing business.
In the meanwhile small enterprise (about 0.5 ha), which is cultivated by the son Franz-Josef Kron in the sideline, different wines are produced, from the quality wine up to Prädikatswein, which were already distinguished several times.
The vineyards in which the wine is cultivated:
1st Rhenser king Wenzel and
2. Rhenser Sonnenlay.
The grape varieties Riesling, Kerner and Müller-Thurgau (white wines) and Dornfelder (red wine and white autumn) are cultivated as wines.

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Kronen-Hof | © Franz Kron
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Weingut Kronen-Hof

From25.04.2024 until the 31.12.2024

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56321 Rhens In der Vohlswiese 1
Weingut Kronenhof
In der Vohlswiese 1
56321 Rhens

Phone: (0049) 175 4318197

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